Providing free functional prosthetic hands and arms
to people in developing countries

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Sadly, the demand for upper limb prostheses in developing countries is huge.

People lose their hands in vehicle and industrial accidents, to violence, medical misadventure, and many other reasons.

Many people have no access or ability to get an artificial hand – let alone a functional one.

Our products are distributed completely free of charge in many countries in Africa and the sub-continent.


We provide simple but effective mechanical hands and arms plus basic cosmetic hands.

We use low cost materials to provide quick and robust solutions fit for purpose and environment.

Hands, arms and elbows are fitted by trained orthopaedic technicians with help from volunteers.

These products allow recipients to gain more dignity and independence in their lives.

Team Building Events

The Hand Project is fully funded from corporate team building events where teams assemble mechanical prosthetic hands.

Hand Project Team Events change lives – not only the lives of the beneficiaries and their families, but also of the participants.

These events are run worldwide by our exclusive team event partners.

Become part of the Project by getting your team involved.

Donations – Give Dignity gGmbH

We gladly accept donations to help reach the unreached. 90% of donation money received is used to help pay the transport costs of beneficiaries to attend a fitting day. Many times, these people have no extra money to afford to reach us.

The other 10% is used to pay for minor surgeries to younger amputees who, without it, would live with a protruding bone through their stump. Not nice!

Donations can be made via PayPal ( [email protected] ) or by bank transfer to:

Give Dignity gGmbH
Kreissparkasse Wiedenbrück
IBAN: DE19 4785 3520 0025 0217 83

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