Our Products

Our simple, fit-for-purpose and 100% free ‘products’ enable us to fit all amputations from the hand to the shoulder within minutes. They are lightweight, robust and easy to use.

This system eliminates the need for multiple visits to be fitted with a prosthesis. Traveling multiple times is not possible for most beneficiaries due to cost.

One of the main complaints from upper limb amputees in terms of prostheses is weight. Even some expensive, highly technical prostheses can simply be too heavy to wear and use effectively in the conditions experienced in many of the countries we deliver to.

Our products are also extremely robust – and they need to be! They require no maintenance and also don’t get stolen and sold for parts.

A hyena victim eats for herself
for the first time in 3 years in Tanzania


We provide each beneficiary with two types of hands which connect easily to a customised ‘socket’ over their residual limb (stump).

Mechanical Hands
This is a purely mechanical device that is operated using the remaining hand or, in the case of bilateral amputees, by the other stump, chin, thigh… whatever the wearer has at their disposal.

This mechanical hand enables the beneficiary to hold items – a spoon, cup, pen, broom, bicycle handlebar, motorbike handlebar, soldering iron, angle grinder, etc, etc. and thus, get through their everyday lives that little bit easier.

This device doesn’t really look like a hand so we encourage this to be used in environments where the beneficiary is well-known (home, school, work).

We will be providing a completely new hand for 2025 and beyond…

Cosmetic Hands

Because of the stigma that is attached to disability in many of the countries we operate in, wearing a device which doesn’t closely resemble a hand in public can be daunting.

To help overcome this stigma, we provide each beneficiary with a 3D printed ‘cosmetic hand’ which they wear while out in public.

These are non-functional (static) cosmetic hands which are extremely light and easy to wear.

We try to match these as close as possible in size to the beneficiary’s remaining hand. We can’t exactly match each beneficiary’s skin colour however, the colour we use is a good match to the majority of the beneficiaries.

A lady looking smart and complete with a cosmetic hand
An ex-soldier in Uganda with his old and new cosmetic hand


People who have lost their forearm require personalised sockets. For this, we use a specific type of customised thermoplastic. With this method, which we have refined over hundreds of fitments, we can manufacture lightweight and robust forearms within minutes.


For every person who has lost a hand below the elbow there are two that have lost their arm completely. We have developed a simple but effective mechanical elbow. This elbow is lockable in all positions. Again, we use our special thermoplastic to make individualised sockets.

The elbow is called the ‘Kamanzi Elbow’ after one of the early adopters.

Before and After Photos…


We also provide children sized forearms, elbows and hands. We also give children a prosthetic ‘toy’. Children without a hand, especially those born without a hand, often reject a prosthesis. By naming the prosthesis a ‘toy’, and encouraging them to play with their toy, the ‘scariness’ is taken away and they develop fine motor skills as well as muscle.